Society is finally paying some long overdue attention to mental health and is welcoming The Newly Institute to the battle. The new company is making inroads as it prepares to bring its innovative clinic approach to Edmonton.

Society is finally paying some long overdue attention to mental health and is welcoming The Newly Institute to the battle. The new company is making inroads as it prepares to bring its innovative clinic approach to Edmonton.

The idea behind The Newly was born out of equal parts opportunity and available time during the pandemic. Business veteran Arthur Kwan had successfully sold a company he had been operating when COVID hit in early 2020 and shut everything down. Kwan began a deep research dive into the area of mental health and the novel treatment options becoming available, including the use of psychedelics in certain treatments, and determined there was a major needs gap in the market.

Over the next several months, Kwan learned all he could about mental health treatment and connected with Dr. Robert Tanguay, a psychiatrist who was pioneering innovative treatments, and Dr. Marshall Ross, an experienced emergency medicine physician, to further explore what a new company could bring to this area. Their discussions and brainstorming led to the creation of The Newly Institute Inc. in early 2021.

“We believe The Newly can become the largest interdisciplinary mental health clinical company in Canada. We want to operate coast to coast, and we want to change the way people across this country experience mental health therapies and treatments,” says Kwan, who has become The Newly’s President and CEO.

The company’s flagship clinic is in Calgary, with another recently opened in Fredericton, New Brunswick; the team is excited to be opening in Edmonton this spring.

The Newly treats individuals suffering from PTSD, depression, chronic pain, addiction, anxiety and childhood trauma who have been unable to access services or who have not responded to traditional treatments. The client base in Edmonton includes the city’s business community, its veteran population, as well as its high number of first responders and healthcare workers.

“My colleagues and I knew it was time we do something different and do it better,” says Dr. Tanguay, The Newly’s Chief Medical Officer. “Canada’s public medical system had struggled to meet the demand to support those suffering with mental health issues. The approach we developed for The Newly was to be the country’s first medically assisted intensive outpatient program for mental health rehabilitation.”

At the clinics, The Newly employs a dedicated team of psychiatrists, addiction specialists, pain medicine specialists, psychologists, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and social workers to treat patients in a holistic manner. The clinics also tap into occupational therapists, kinesiologists and physiotherapists to support return-to-work and other programs.

The Newly’s advisory board includes some of the top psychiatrists in the country, and The Newly is currently seeking exceptional professionals of the same calibre to join its Edmonton team. Candidates are encouraged to reach out to or call (825) 540-4042 to learn more.

What also makes The Newly unique is how it brings together the full gamut of comprehensive mental health services under one roof, presenting patients with outpatient programs that often span four weeks with treatment sessions between three and five times per week. This patient-centric concept has shown it can yield fast results, rapidly alleviate symptoms and give hope to people for whom conventional treatments have been ineffective.

“We know the need for new treatment options is present in our society and we have the approach to be successful at providing those therapies,” says Dr. Ross, The Newly’s Chief Scientific Officer. “We’ve already seen our protocols show strong outcomes for clients at the clinics. We are constantly testing and reviewing how all our treatments are performing to ensure our approach to client care is evidence based and data driven. We’re excited to share the results and will be publishing our data in peer-reviewed journals.”

The Edmonton clinic will be a welcome addition to the city as it can offer relief to individuals who are suffering with psychiatric illnesses, some of which have surfaced during the pandemic.

“With The Newly, we can provide people in need with access to the most applicable and effective mental health treatments so they experience a rapid recovery and a return to healthy living and to full lives,” says Dr. Tanguay.

The Newly’s Edmonton clinic will be located at 13611 – 163rd Street and any individuals seeking treatment for a mental health issue can book a free consultation at without a referral.

13611 163 Street
Edmonton AB