Addiction Treatment and Prevention Planning

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Developing a personalized relapse prevention addiction treatment plan within our program is a collaborative and individualized process. It begins with a comprehensive assessment conducted by our skilled clinicians, who utilize a blend of therapeutic modalities including Acceptance and Committment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and mindfulness. This plan delves into the individual’s unique triggers, stressors, and coping mechanisms, providing a detailed approach to supporting their specific needs and challenges. Addiction Treatment Plans will be used to assist the client during treatment, but will be adjusted throughout the process, drawing upon the insights gained, progress made, and goals identified throughout treatment. Regular reviews and adjustments ensure that the relapse prevention plan evolves in tandem with the individual’s progress and changing circumstances.

Evolving Needs

We recognize that recovery is an ongoing process, and our relapse prevention strategies are designed to be adaptable and responsive to each person’s evolving needs. Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to not only guide individuals through the initial stages of recovery but to empower them with the tools and resilience necessary for long-term success.

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