Chronic Pain - Our Approach

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The Newly Institute applies an evidence based multi-modal approach to pain management with access to an interdisciplinary treatment team. Providers available to support in our Chronic Pain Wellness Program include Kinesiology, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Nursing, and Psychiatry. The goal of our multimodal and interdisciplinary approach is to support clients in addressing their unique pain presentation by targeting the physical, and psychological aspects of chronic pain.
The treatment team can support clients with functional goal setting, pain management skill building, and education about pain to support understanding that lifelong recovery from chronic pain involves more than pain reduction alone. Clients may explore how to improve daily functioning, manage kinesiophobia (fear of movement), stress management, and alter stuck thought patterns connected to pain persistence.

In our program, clients learn to adopt lifestyle changes, develop resilience, and actively participate in their own care. By addressing the various dimensions of chronic pain. Individuals are better equipped to manage their symptoms and improve their overall well-being long term.

Managing Chronic Pain

Best practice for chronic pain management supports the use of an interdisciplinary approach with each healthcare provider offering specialized care. Below are some examples of services offered by each discipline:

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