Our Mission

The Newly Institute is spearheading a paradigm shift in the Canadian healthcare system by establishing a network of purpose-built mental health clinics across Canada, catering to diverse needs for therapy in Halifax. Founded by a team of medical experts who identified a gap in the mental health programs available to all Canadians, the Institute synthesized insights from individuals across the country, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and senior healthcare leaders. These experiences and best practices shaped the Institute’s philosophy of rapid access and resolution, delving into the core of an individual’s mental health concerns, particularly addressing the need for therapy in Halifax.

Specialized Therapy in Halifax

The Newly’s mission is to provide pioneering innovative intensive outpatient mental health programs that will provide long lasting change in the industry. The Newly recognized that the delivery of psychology-based programs in the community and the public system often focuses on seeing individual healthcare providers once a week and expecting that over time clients will improve. However, substantial medical evidence shows that if you bring clinicians together in a bio-psycho-social-spiritual interdisciplinary treatment model and provide care in an evidence based intensive outpatient program clients get better faster, and the faster they improve the significantly more likely they are to return to work and a healthy lifestyle.


As we approach the opening of our newest location in the heart of Halifax, we will be looking for a diverse team of mental health professionals. Follow the link below to see what job opportunities are available, or contact us to submit your resume today.

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Treatment Options in Kelowna

Our program has been curated by the expertise of our world-class medical professionals. We have carefully developed our curriculum based on the best available medical and complementary evidence to help you maximize benefits.

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Land Acknowledgement

The Newly recognizes that we are visitors on this land and acknowledges the grounds on which we are privileged to gather are located in the unceded traditional and ancestry lands of the Syilx/Okanagan people.

Appreciation of the history of these lands on which we live, work, and thrive provides us with an opportunity to acknowledge the past and its impact on the present, so we can move forward together in the spirt of healing as we engage in reconciliation and mutual respect.