Tailored Education

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Return to work services are integrated into The Newly’s Treatment programs. While treatment is being provided to treat the mental health or medical diagnosis, services are also being completed with clinicians such as occupational therapists to understand the difficulties you may face at work. This allows us to provide tailored education and build strategies with you such as boundary setting, pacing education and resiliency. Treatment is specific to the individual and one-on-one treatments are provided to help you move towards your pre-accident (or injury) level.

Return to Work Plan

Services can also include meeting with the employer, funders and case managers to create a detailed and sustainable gradual return to work plan along with recommendations. The workplace can also be reviewed for any ergonomic modifications. It is often recommended that Gradual return to work plans be followed by a return to work clinician to make modifications and review strategies if needed to ensure the most success.

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