Unique Challenges

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Our program is specifically designed for first responders, acknowledging the unique challenges and traumatic experiences they may encounter in their line of work. Our program takes a holistic approach to gain wellness by combining group therapy for psycho-education and movement-based activity, as well as individual therapy for active trauma processing.

Beyond Talk

Education courses via group psycho-education sessions allows for a supportive environment where participants can share experiences and learn from one another. It covers a range of topics related to trauma, mental health, coping strategies, skills development and communication skills utilizing ACT, DBT, CBT, and mindfulness techniques. Group content has a comprehensive focus that aligns with a trauma-informed perspective and evidence-based approaches, recognizing the need to address not only the symptoms of trauma but also to empower individuals with skills and knowledge that contribute to long-term well-being.

The individual therapy sessions utilize evidence-based therapies, which involves engaging individuals in therapeutic processes that go beyond simply talking about the trauma. EMDR is one example, as this approach was designed to help individuals process distressing memories and the physiological impacts of these. The interdisciplinary team works together to ensure the most effective therapeutic interventions are explored and to ultimately assist clients with successfully managing their symptom experience on their journey towards wellness.

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