Chronic Pain Treatment

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Chronic Pain Management is about taking control of your pain and helping increase self-efficacy. Research shows those who complete a self-management course increase healthy behaviours including strengthening and stretching exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization. More importantly, people living with pain report greater self-efficacy to manage their pain and mental health, important for building and maintaining resiliency.

Our Chronic Pain Treatment Program utilizes Mindful Movement, Yoga, Physiotherapy, and other tools to help you learn how to manage your symptoms and live a more fulfilling, pain free life. Designed for those who require maximum treatment benefits with rapid resolution of symptoms, the Intensive Outpatient Program offers chronic pain treatment. Providing our clients pain and mental health management is important to build and maintain resiliency.

Chronic Pain in Canada

Approximately 1 in 5 Canadians currently lives with chronic pain, greatly affecting their ability to work, engage in day to day activities, and even to get out of bed (source: Health Canada). Chronic pain not only affects one’s physical wellbeing, but their mental health as well. Proper treatment can be difficult to find, and even more difficult to maintain, which is why we developed the Chronic Pain Treatment program at The Newly Institute. The Chronic Pain Wellness program is designed for those who require rapid resolution treatment for Chronic Pain providing rapid resolution of the symptoms. Our four week Intensive Outpatient Program will give you the tools you need to live your life, and return to work, pain free.

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