Current Treatment Methods

Current treatment for most mental health concerns is often medications (source: Government of Canada). More and more Canadians are prescribed antidepressants, while less are accessing therapy. Most addiction and chronic pain programs lack mental health and trauma therapies.

Innovative Psychotherapy Treatment

Our treatment is different. The Newly’s all encompassing psychotherapy program includes national and international experts treating everything from PTSD, depression, and anxiety, to addiction, and chronic pain.

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The Newly Institute offers intensive programs that work with you schedule, and help you feel better now. While the effect of our psychotherapy treatment will be long-lasting for many patients, those who suffer from relapses can revisit our clinics for booster treatments as needed. We are here for you when you need us the most.

This program is for those who require maximal treatment benefit in a short timeframe, and provides rapid resolution of depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and more. Our Mental Health Core Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) requires substantial time commitment over the four week treatment period, as it includes over 120 hours of psychotherapy, and comprehensive supplementary treatment modalities during the course of the program. When clinically indicated, this program can also include ketamine¹ treatments.

The Mental Health Core IOP is ideal for anyone who wants to get their life back now or return to work quickly following an occupational psychological stress injury. To ensure your well-being after the program ends, we offer an annual mental health exam. Don’t wait. Get well now.

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This program is designed for those who require addiction treatment providing rapid resolution of the mental health issues which is often the root of addiction. The program is a 4 week IOP which includes everything in the Mental Health Core IOP with an increased focus on addiction and relapse prevention. We are always here for you after treatment with an intensive aftercare programs and the ability to join weekly group sessions.

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Designed for those who must balance work and other life commitments while undergoing their 4-week treatment program. This Flexible Outpatient Program includes preparation, ketamine¹ treatments when clinically indicated and evidence-based psychotherapy tailored to your individual needs.

Take control of your life and your treatment plan with a-la-carte menu options for all our world-class programming. Continue with the program with our annual mental health exam.

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Ideal for those who have attended a program with The Newly Institute and require ongoing supportive care to treat or prevent symptom recurrence. Book a single medically assisted psychotherapy session or ART trauma session on a flexible basis.

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Meet for an annual mental health check-up to review your long term progress and sign up for additional treatment when you need it. Arrangement can be made for an additional psychiatric follow up appointment where a personalized treatment plan will be formulated to meet your unique ongoing needs.

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¹ Ketamine is not available in all cases and only with required authorizations.

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Types of Psychotherapy Treatment

Our world-class medical professionals have curated our leading-edge treatment programs. We have carefully developed our curriculum based on the best available medical and complementary evidence to help you maximize psychotherapy’s benefits.

Mindfulness and Resilience Training

Mindfulness is a core aspect of our programming. We developed a separate mindfulness course to learn more about the breath and living in the moment.

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) looks at comprehensive life goals and takes a mindful approach to accepting the difficulties in life we all face.

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Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is designed to help develop healthy coping mechanisms, improved regulation of emotions and improved communication skills.

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) is an evidence-based treatment that was developed to treat trauma and other distressing experiences.

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Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

With accelerated resolution therapy (ART), we say, “Keep the knowledge and lose the pain.” You will be re-set and free from past traumas that have haunted you. Anxiety, depression, and nightmares become an experience of the past. ART is a cutting-edge, evidence-based trauma treatment that is accelerated.

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