Julien Lepage has a Masters in Social Work specializing in clinical practice that lends itself in leadership and the therapeutic use of the Integrative Community Drum Circle (ICDC). Lepage leads his life seeking to be of service to others, guiding individuals to navigate the world and find spaces in which they thrive. With over 12 years supporting adults who experience life with severe and persistent mental illness and/or addiction, Julien continues to apply his creativity in innovating trauma informed initiatives in clinical settings. He is the owner of Circles of Rhythm, a nationally renowned social enterprise that offers facilitation training and rhythmical workshops using the ICDC. Julien is approachable, authentic, and honest. He encourages all to seek the link between the head and heart. Julien is the proud father of three beautiful children. He enjoys being in water, going for hikes, and high-intensity wheeled sports such as mountain biking, longboarding, and onewheeling.