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Group drumming promotes resilience in individuals affected by trauma. Dr. Bruce Perry’s research on repetitive rhythmical activities and the neurosequential model of therapeutics emphasizes the importance of rhythmic activities in regulating and calming the nervous system. Group drumming provides a structured and repetitive rhythmic experience that engages the brain’s neural circuits associated with regulation and self-soothing. The synchronized nature of group drumming fosters a sense of connection and belonging, activating social engagement systems that may be compromised in individuals with trauma-related challenges. Moreover, the rhythmic activities involved in drumming can promote the release of neurochemicals such as endorphins, contributing to improved mood and stress reduction. Overall, group drumming serves as a therapeutic tool that combines sensory regulation, social connection, and neurobiological processes, offering a holistic approach to address trauma symptoms and enhance mental well-being.

Drum Codes

Our Trauma-Sensitive Drumming program was crafted by one of our Clinical Practice Leads and Social Worker, Julien Lepage, RSW. Encompassing rhythms and teachings
from diverse global cultures, The Newly Institute places a paramount focus on the pursuit of balance, infusing every beat with the potential for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Participants engage with the drum not merely as an instrument but as a powerful catalyst for self-discovery, while our facilitators skillfully guide collaborative rhythm-making experiences. This methodology, rooted in the wisdom of the “Drum Codes,” intricately weaves high-energy drumming with gentle healing techniques, fostering mindfulness, curiosity, and play. In essence, The Newly Institute transcends the boundaries of conventional drumming, offering a profound journey towards emotional resilience, community connection, and a harmonious balance in the tapestry of life.

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