More Than Just Family Therapy

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Family therapy is a group offered to family, partners, and loved ones throughout the clients treatment program. The goal of this educational group is to empower family members with knowledge and skills that enhance their ability to support themselves, and their loved ones while fostering a healthier family environment. Family Therapy group covers an overview of our treatment programs; including the structure and goals of treatment, while discussing the role of family involvement in supporting those receiving treatment. Family members will learn about trauma and discuss its various forms while exploring how trauma can impact individuals and families, including the long-term effects on our mental health. Family Therapy group will educate family members on the physiological aspects of trauma, explaining how the nervous system responds to stress and trauma introducing concepts such as fight, flight, and freeze responses.

Window of Tolerance

Family members will learn about the concept of the “window of tolerance” and how to support their loved ones, and even themselves, in managing the optimal zone where an individual can effectively cope with stress. Family members will receive education on how trauma can widen or narrow this window and the impact this fluctuation can have on emotional regulation. Family Therapy group will also explore different communication styles and their impact on relationships, while providing strategies for effective and empathetic communication.

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